round_pushpin This application is a Geotag logger for HP WebOS to geo-tag images from an external camera. It records your position and exports the data as GPX (a standardized, open format). You can tag your photos with this GPX file later, e.g. with other free and open-source applications like Geotag or GPicSync or GPSCorrelate. Exported GPX files can get visualized with GPX Mapper which is available freely in the App Catalog.

The description in the HP App Catalog reads as follows:

Geotagging of pictures just means to store the (more or less exact) position where the picture was taken as metadata into your pictures. While WebOS devices can geotag their pictures automatically, it's not that easy to tag pictures from a photo camera without GPS sensor.

This is where Geotag Logger can help you: Basically this application just tracks your position (manually or automatically) and allows you to export a GPX file to your USB partition. You can use this file to tag your photos with a third-party desktop application later.

For detailed instructions pick "Help / About" in the application menu.

This application requires WebOS 2.1 or greater since it makes use of the Node.js services to access the USB partition for GPX file export.

The application is available in the official HP App Catalog. You can find the package in the Files section. You can find a description of the features and a Users' guide in the Wiki.

This application is free and open-source software and licensed under the GPL v3. The source code is available via Git (see the repository URL in the Repository section).

The application uses Lawnchair (MIT) for storage. The icon is built from two icons of the Tango Icon Library (Public Domain).

Press coverage: the application was first spotted on a screenshot in an article from PreCentral - more reviews might appear soon.

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