This application is a simple WebOS schedule application for FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting) in Brussels. It downloads the schedule from FOSDEM server, saves it to your device and shows a list of events.

This application is licensed under the GPLv3.

The source code is available via Git:

git clone https://code.webpresso.net/git/fosdem-webos/

The final FOSDEM 2011/2012 version of the application is available in the official Palm App Catalog. IPK files are available under the Files section.

The 2010 application was distributed via Palm Web channel. The 2011 beta version is available in Palm Beta channel. The .ipk packages can be found in the "Files" section.

See also the announcement blog post from 2010. If you are a fan of commit visualizations: there's a video showing the commits created with Gource.

The application includes the following libraries: jQuery (MIT or GPLv2), Timeago (MIT), Lawnchair (MIT) and the DP_DateExtensions (BSD). The filter icons are from the Tango Icon Library (Public Domain).

FrOSCon version

There is also a FrOSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference) version of this application (see the branch in git). The features are pretty identical, as well as the technical basis, since both conferences use Pentabarf for planning and provide an xCal schedule.

The FrOSCon version is available in the official Palm App Catalog - you can also download the IPK file here and install it with Preware or Internalz.

(outdated) NEW: You can download a screencast of the application (currently as .ogv)!

re:publica version

There is another version for re:publica 2011, a German conference for bloggers, digital culture and web. The technical basis is similar to the FOSDEM 2011 version, but the re:publica version consumes a custom JSON source for the schedule.

The re:publica application is available in the official Palm App Catalog. You can find the source code in the "republica-2011" branch as well as the .ipk file.

Other versions

Markus Leutwyler adapted the application for FrOSCamp which is also in the App Catalog - it uses JSON as input format. I mirrored the IPK here. He also adapted the application for JSConf.eu.

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