• FOSDEM schedule for Android

    This is a native Android app which helps you to manage the FOSDEM conference schedule on your phone. This is just a mirror.

  • FOSDEM schedule for WebOS

    This application is a simple WebOS schedule application for FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting) in Brussels. It downloads the schedule from FOSDEM server, saves it to your device and shows a list of events....

  • Geotag-logger for WebOS

    round_pushpin This application is a Geotag logger for HP WebOS to geo-tag images from an external camera. It records your position and exports the data as GPX (a standardized, open format). You can tag your photos with this GPX file later, e.g. with other free and open-source applications like Geotag or GPicSync or GPSCorrelate. Exported GPX files can get visualized with GPX Mapper which is available freely in the App Catalog....

  • Prodromus XMPP mini-client

    speech_balloon "Hey there, I'm PRODROMUS, a very simple XMPP messaging client, mainly reasonable as contact form replacement/supplement or support contact utility."

    "Prodromus" is Latin and means as much as "express messenger", "courier". Prodromus makes use of the great Strophe.js library. It also uses jQuery....

  • Redmine

    gem Redmine and plugins.

  • rshot - a social digital photo gallery.

    camera rshot aims to be a web-based picture sharing/gallery software, making sharing photos easy under your own domain.

    rshot is licensed under the AGPLv3.

    More information can be found in the "Wiki" section, the source code is available in the "Repository" section, there you can also find information about the GIT repository....

  • Tracks for Android

    An Android Application for the popular Tracks todo list. Available in the Android Market as "Tracks for Android". This is just a mirror.

Also available in: Atom